I can do that…

I started a new project the other day.  Now, this is a big deal since I have a super hard time starting anything I know will take a long time and will not go perfectly smoothly (i.e. everything).

I think I’ve said this in previous posts, but I want to reiterate.  I hate the thought of purchasing artwork – or anything for that matter – that I think I can make myself.  This is why all of the walls in my house are bare.

WELL, a couple of weeks ago, the boy and I were at a local diner and I saw art by a Boston-based artist that I had to have.  They were two smallish pieces of mixed-material work that would look wicked awesome on the wall of my stairwell.  It is times like these that I don’t mind paying for artwork – or, again, anything.  If it is something that is perfect for the use I need it for, and I didn’t even know that I needed a use for it, I don’t mind just going out and buying it.  Within reason.  When I went to take a closer look at the pieces, I saw that they were $100. Each.

So I promptly took a picture of them, wrote down the name of the artist (that was kindly displayed underneath the artwork), and vowed to recreate these pieces myself – for way less mulah.

It’s projects like these that present themselves to be so fortuitous that if I DON’T start them, I am really trying.  Months and months ago when I still lived at my old apartment, I found two really quaint, kitschy picture frames in a box on the curb that have window box matting done.  I thought they were really cute, but at the time did not have a vision for the artwork that I wanted to go inside.  Well, (and this proves my desire to hoard) I pulled them out the other day and have already painted and framed one of the pieces…and it looks SOO good!  I am really happy I started it.  It didn’t end up looking exactly like the other artist’s work by any means, but I think that’s good (in case she ever comes over to my house for cocktails one day).  It’s even better for my self-confidence.  Since I say all the time that “I could do this better,” or “I can’t believe this person calls himself an artist – I should be making millions if this person sells this crap and calls it art!” (I know you all say that! >_>)  But I have never really done much to prove that I AM any good.  So, I am making a start which you have to do at some point, right?

I really like working in my studio (ee!!! my own studio!) and hope that it inspires me to create the artwork I have always wanted to.  Oh yeah, as well as the artwork I’m too cheap to buy because I can make it myself. 😛

Painting by me


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