Happy New Year

As the title of this post states, happy New Year, y’all.  It is with the coming of a new year and all of that resolution mumbo jumbo that I am slowly starting to realize a subtle change in my life.  As I’ve been talking about desperately wanting to move to a new space, it turns out that I will be closing on a beautiful condo with my parents this Friday.  This may seem rather sudden, and certainly being a homeowner is still shocking to me, but my parents and I have been house hunting for a while now.  I just didn’t think all of this would actually culminate, and so soon.  Besides, I’m a bit superstitious when it comes to talking about something you really want before you have it.  I didn’t want to publish it on the internet without it being a sure thing for fear that it would jinx it! I know it’s silly, but you didn’t care anyway.

So it is with this big change in my life that the subtle change is taking place.  That change is partly taking this blog from one devoted to not buying clothes (which is officially over, thank goodness) to making my life more simple overall.  And what better way to start simplifying your life anew than moving to a whole new house, starting fresh from scratch??  I’m excited and nervous because the only piece of furniture I will be taking with me is my beloved desk (found on the curb), and maybe my raggedy old book shelves just until I can figure out something more attractive to house my books and nicknacks.  That’s right.  I’m throwing my saggy old bed straight in the dump the first chance I get and buying a new one, looking at interior design blogs for furnishing ideas, heck, I don’t even have plates and serveware , pots, pans, or otherwise to lug to my new place.  I guess that’s one of the few good things about never being settled in my previous residencies – that I have little to no belongings to lug to my new space and possibly clash with the intended decor.  Not a couch, not a coaster, not even a cable bill.  It’s high time to be more dependent on myself, more responsible, and consequently more independent.  I cannot wait.

It is truly a clean break in every sense of the phrase.  I feel fortunate to have this opportunity, since I know this sort of thing doesn’t happen to everybody.  I just want to take advantage of every aspect.  I want to do this right, right from the start, frugally but tastefully so that hopefully the other areas of my life can directly reflect that mentality.  I think that was the original intent of this website.  It’s exciting to finally realize that, and I can’t wait to see what is to come and share that with the world.


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