Ups and Downs

Ok, so I know the end of my no-buying pact is some time in December. I have to confess a couple of things, particularly a hat, gloves, and…I’m pretty sure at least one other thing but now I can’t remember.
Oh, and a nice jacket and heels during my trip to California. Even though it’s nice to say I have only bought necessary items in the almost-six-months I have said I won’t buy clothes, I still don’t like that’s caved in the first place. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t updated here in a while.
Now that my weight is back down and I feel like a wardrobe revamping is necessary, I still want to wait the month and some days to buy clothes. And actually, for the sake of my expected holiday expenditure, I might even wait until January to spend more money.
We will see. Morale is low, and hopelessness is setting in. If anything, at least I can stick to my promise.


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